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     An update on the Lion Gates Restoration work

Andre Borrelli has completed the work on the lioness/ tiger.  The statue has been repaired, resculpted and
completely sealed.  This work is most evident by the statue’s contrasting color, which is actually the original  
tint.  The bronze on both statues has been cleaned and sealed as per the contract.

Due to anticipated weather changes, the finish work on the lion sculpture will be deferred until the spring.   
However, the sculpture has been repaired and cracks sealed to prevent additional deterioration in the winter.  
The following letter has been sent out
by University City Police Chief Charles Adams:                                           

November 11, 2014

As we approach the expected conclusion of the Grand Jury investigation, we want to let you
know the University City Police Department has been engaged in ongoing planning in
preparation for the decisions. Our City has experienced public expression and lawful protest
in the past; and our goal is to safeguard citizens and property, restore and maintain order, as
well as, protect the constitutional rights of all.

Although the City has not experienced any violent protest these past few months, we are
monitoring activities throughout the St. Louis area and have developed contingency plans
going forward. Officers will be alert and monitoring neighborhoods and businesses. However,
any information you can provide to assist will be helpful.

Some helpful safety ideas to consider are:

• Be conscious of your surroundings and alert to your personal safety.
• Report suspicious people or circumstances immediately to the Police.

Notification and Emergencies:
Call 911 or for other inquiries call 314-725-2211
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that delivers first class city services

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