Council member Ward 1
Working for a City that delivers first class city services

Preserving U City Values
U City streets are in poor condition with a rating of about 6 on a 10 point scale.  Additional
funds should be directed to street infrastructure and the large backlog of non ADA
compliant intersections.

Over the last 2 years U city has spent $5 million of reserve funds for street upgrades and related

I support using reserve funds to improve U City streets; however, the reserve funds are limited and
will not last for forever.

The U City budget needs to be permanently restructured to produce an ongoing source of funding
for streets, curbs, intersections and sidewalks.

For a start, I would suggest that we look for $1 million in the current budget that can be re-
directed to street repairs.

One million dollars of savings in the $23 million General Fund budget will be a challenge when you
consider that 50% of our budget is public safety. I don’t expect significant savings from the police
and fire budgets.
 That means looking for $1 million of savings from the $12 million not budgeted for
public safety.

We can also look for funds in the Capital Improvement Sales tax fund and the Parks Sales Tax
fund.  Together these funds have about $3.4 million of annual revenue.

Significant savings have already been achieved by restructuring the U City workforce.  The number
of U City employees has decreased from 309 in 2007 to about 266 in this year’s budget.

Further savings will require some difficult choices; however, we must work together to find a way to
produce a budget that can meet more of our ongoing infrastructure needs.

(link to overview of Capital Improvement and Park tax funds)