University City has a City Manager form of government.  The City
Manager is hired by the City Council. The City Council passes
ordinances, approves the budget and authorizes spending.  The
City Manager is in charge of day to day operations and makes all
hiring decisions.

The City Council has 7 members; 2 elected from each of the three
wards plus the Mayor.

Each Ward elects two council members; however only one council
member is elected in each election.    Terms are 4 years with one
Council member elected in each Ward in April 2016 and the second
council member elected in April 2018.  Council members are paid
$200 per month.  Elections are non-partisan.

The Mayor chairs Council meetings and has a single vote.  The
Mayor is elected to a 4 year term in a non-partisan election that
includes all three Wards.  The next Mayoral election is April 2018.  
The Mayor has no administrative responsibilities and does not have
veto power over legislation.   The Mayor is paid $400 per month.


s MS Carr using racist anti-Asian slurs when she makes
inuendos about eyes that are different than MS Carr's?

  Often in Western culture, "white" eyes or "big eyes" are perceived
as the beauty standard while narrower "Asian" eyes are stigmatized.

The description of  tearing "small eyes" is a common anti Asian

  Does MS Carr have problems with someone who is age 27?  
Most doctors receive their MD degree by the age of 26.  
MS Carr claims to have received a PhD, prior to the age of 27?

  What is wrong with age 27?  Mark Zuckerberg was a multi-
billionaire prior to age 27.  Bob Dylan was world famous by the age
of 21.

"By defunding Create Space, you are sending a message loud and clear to a
network of thousands of entrepreneurs that they are not valued by University
City," Wiggins wrote.

Councilwoman Paulette Carr is leading the charge. She has repeatedly noted
Li's age — 27 — in painting her as a novice with an "unproven track record."

"Instead of standing before the council with tears in her eyes to talk about her
immigrant status and the benefits to herself and other artists who may or may
not be residents, I would have preferred she discussed her business plan and
the real benefits she projects that would accrue to the City of University City for
making this level of financial donation," Carr says in an email.

The councilwoman added that Li's Facebook posts were of "great concern,

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